Monday, March 15, 2010

First Data Global Gateway API Integration with VB.Net


Many payment gateways are available in the market to pay for any product online. Below are some online payment gateways:
  • Your Pay

  • PayPal

  • Authorize.Net

  • First Data Global Gateway

Let’s talk about First Data Global Gateway. First Data Global Gateway gives two ways to integrate payment gateway:
  • Using LinkPoint DLL

  • Using Web service

Here I explained how to integrate using LinkPoint DLL.

Before starting integration you need following things to integrate First Data Global gateway with your application:
  • PEM file

  • Merchant Account Number

  • LinkPointTransaction.dll and lpssl.dll (Ask to provide from First Data)

Download application from here.

Above application is .Net class library project. You have to take reference of class library. Now you are ready to use the Global Data payment gateway with your application. You have to pass following parameters:
  • strType – Type of the payment, It may hold either “Good”, “Decline” or “Duplicate”.

  • strMerchantNumber – You will get this from First Data when you will open your account with them

  • dblAmount – Amount of the transaction

  • strZip – Zip code of the customer who used his/her credit card to do payment

  • strAddNum – Address of the customer

  • strCC – Credit card number

  • strcardexpmonth – Expiry month of credit card

  • strcardexpyear – Expiry year of credit card

  • strKeyFile – PEM file path (full path). You will get PEM file from First Data when you will open account with them

  • strHost – It may hold either “” or “”. For testing purpose you have to pass “”. On server, you have to pass “”.

  • intPort – Port number to connect above host. For now you have to pass “1129”.


  1. Do you know how to converse .PEM to .P12 by OpenSSL? and how you import/export certificate of primary key.

  2. thanks good article to read, greetings from Indonesian bloggers.

  3. One important point is that you cannot run the api on a 64 bit server, otherwise you need to use the web service api...for details contact gregory dot santovian at gmail dot com

  4. hi Hardik Patel, do you have a sample using web service

  5. Do you have this in C#?


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