Monday, March 29, 2010

Debugging Script Component

Last week, I face one problem in SSIS package. I used Script component and it fails in my application. I tried to debug my code but I am not able to debug it. I dig this problem and found that SSIS package not support break points in script component.

I created one data flow task in my SSIS package. This data flow task contains one script component with other component. This script component is used to split one string as per my logic. This script component fails for some defined cases. So I want to debug the code but BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) is not supporting breakpoints in Script Component.

I found this information from Microsoft website. You can get more detail from

You can use following alternate way:
  • Use Message Boxes to print variable values. So you can check the conditions and your logic according to that value.
  • User logging. Log every variable and condition value into file. You can get idea from that log file.

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